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Strive for sustainability!

Sustainable management means to act in a way that future generations can meet their needs of tomorrow – without having to accept major compromises. To achieve this objective a change of thinking is necessary. The aim for businesses must be to continue to operate efficiently whilst ensuring to act environmentally and socially cautious.

Often businesses and organizations find it hard to derive concrete measures from the concept of sustainability and to put them into practice. We advise you on the development and implementation of strategies and measures for sustainable practices. Our consulting refers equally to private companies, as well as the public sector.

We advise you according to our five success factors for thriving and effective sustainability management:

  • Strategy
  • Cooperation involving all relevant stakeholders
  • Governance and measurement
  • Implementation in core processes
  • Internal and external communication


  • Materiality analysis
  • Strategic development
  • Development of sustainability measures
  • Measurement of sustainability
  • Supplier management
  • Stakeholder management
  • Sustainability communications and reporting
  • Gap analysis
  • Implementation support


In cooperation with you we will identify how your business or organization creates economic, environmental and social value. This helps to provide improved insights regarding your value proposition and the purpose of your business or organization. We then develop a specific action plan to implement five success factors for sustainability management in your business or organization and offer advisory on the implementation.

Common Good Balance

Sustainability is already fully implemented in your business or your organization and is actively promoted in its daily activities – then take it to the next level. We consult you on creating your individual Common Good Balance, which measures entrepreneurial success in a new meaning.