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Creative Leadership


For challenges for which there are no known solutions, let alone implementation experience, Creative Leadership is required. We offer a Coaching format that challenges the creative capabilities of leaders and teams and supports their advanced development. Creative Leadership Coaching develops solutions for the following

  • complex problem solving
  • in situations of seemingly unsolvable dilemma
  • challenges for which you are seeking a fresh perspective
  • for the sheer pleasure of working with fresh and creative methods and techniques
  • and if you, your team or your company are looking for new ways to invent and implement innovative solutions through experimental steps


In collaboration with you and your teams we design future scenarios through creative techniques. We consider the creative potential of your business model, your technical solutions in connection with the concerns of the affected people (employees, customers, suppliers and partners) and connect the various levels with one another. In the Creative Leadership Coaching we work without any planning processes. The focus is directly oriented to implementation, so that as a result of the coaching you will be able to experiment with prototypes.


Creative Leadership Coaching allows hierarchy-free and hierarchical spanning work. We use formats that support your flow, and promote this through an environment where your creativity can be expressed.

Depending on the situation, we may work with additional external partners for the coaching process.

You will need to allow, at the least, 1.5 days, and up to one week for a session.

During the course of the coaching process many of our clients want to implement structures which promote creativity within their organization. We will provide you with competent advice in the design and implementation in this process.