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Management Coaching

Focused, Structured, Intuitive

With our focused, structured and intuitive coaching concept, we have been advising executives since 1995.

You will benefit from our experienced Coaches understanding of the global market and professional know-how, combined with their profound psychological knowledge. We work with you on issues relevant to your role as a leader, the structuring of framework requirements within the company and your unique individual abilities, interests and values that characterize you as a person. The aim of a coaching process is to expand your effectiveness as a leader, attract new prospects and sustainably strengthen your leadership skills.


At first we will get to know you personally through a preliminary talk. Trust, personal competence and an exact assignment clarification are the foundations of our success. Then we can decide whether and how we will proceed.

The duration of a coaching process varies from 2-3 hours up to monitoring over a period of 12-14 months. Coaching sessions can be conducted between 60 minutes to a full day. Between the coaching sessions we occasionally agree that you deepen specific topics and try out particular adaptations (Assignments).

We offer various formats:

Individual Coaching [more]

Team Coaching [more]

Services and Coaching Motives

We coach executives on specific motives:

  • You are looking for professional repositioning
  • You want to change within your profession and prepare effectively for the transition
  • You take on a new leadership role
  • You are looking for a neutral and competent sparring partner for the handling of conflicts within the company and team
  • You manage complex change processes
  • You want to explicitly develop your personal leadership competencies and skills
  • You want to reflect the effects of your leadership personality and extend your leadership repertoire
  • You want to strengthen your personal resilience as a leader