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Team Coaching

Our Coaching approach enables a sustainable improvement of the performance of teams within a short time. We recommend team coaching for the following situations:

  • You want to optimally prepare a team for new challenges: clarifying roles, competencies, responsibilities and strengthening of the relationships between all team members is our focus (Duration: 1 day – 3 days)
  • You want to integrate new team members, and to use the change to prepare the team for new challenges
  • You want to do work on the vision and concept with your team in order to strengthen the understanding and identification of the team with the tasks
  • You want to deal specifically with conflicts in order to improve the performance of the team
  • You want to work on themes or topics with several teams in a department or business. For this we schedule large group events with up to 300 participants

Here you can find out more through project examples:

Intercultural Teams

We coach intercultural teams through specific workshops, where we create the experience of cultural differences, and step by step review the learnt differences in the form of values. For these workshops we work with consultants who themselves bring profound intercultural experience, especially from Arab countries and China.

Resilient Teams

A particular focus of our work is to systematically develop the resilience of teams by identifying and strengthening the skills and distinct potential of your employees. Through systematic attunement, the diversity amongst employees and managers becomes an advantage. This results in high performance teams.

We analyze the individual work preferences, job requirements and distinct potential of your employees, to enable an optimal combination of strengths that complement each other. The results of this are resilient teams that are able to act and react in a balanced, flexible, responsible and high-performance manner.

We work with the Team Management System TMS ®. This allows for a scientifically-sound online assessment of team members, and provides a perfect base to further develop the specific strengths and skills.


At the core of our proposal is the Team Management System by Margerison-McCann. With the help of Team Management Profiles, the individual strengths and work preferences of the team members can be recognized and coordinated. An online assessment takes about 30 minutes. Each team member receives a detailed written analysis with notes on how the interaction with other team members can be improved. For the team as a whole, you see the team status, which makes the strengths and weaknesses of a team visible.

Thereby preferences and requirements of the work place can be perfectly matched. It increases the overall performance of the team: employees enjoy their work, develop their skills further and yield high output for the team.

Here you can find out more through project examples: