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Your Business Model

Realisieren Sie einzigartige Geschäftsmodelle.

New technologies offer opportunities to evolve dynamically. The needs of your customers, employees and suppliers are developing dynamically. Product innovations alone no longer adequately address these dynamics. Therefore, we offer you the possibility to innovate your business model through a structured process. As your business model is the foundation of your future success.


We provide a systematic check-up of your current business model and evaluate options with you to further its development.

In collaboration with you, we examine and review the fundamental principles of your business activities.  We then identify the potential for new business models and evaluate these. For this process we use the Business Model Toolbox (BMI).

First, we answer the following key questions with you:

  • How well do you know your customers?
  • What are the real benefits for your customers?
  • How are the roles and forms of cooperation with your value adding partners derived and implemented?
  • What configuration of resources are services provided in (value architecture)?
  • How and in what configuration are services created (value chain reconfiguration)
  • What are the value drivers (profit drivers)?
  • How sustainable is your business model in economic, ecological and social terms?