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Leading from the Future

Presencing was developed by Professor Otto Scharmer at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

It is a structured process which aims to expose the team´s and group´s mental, emotional and intentional forces, to develop solutions to complex problems, for immediate future perspectives.

Team coaching with methods of presencing is a great help to

  • develop sustainable solutions with a team or a group of stakeholders, who are trapped by thought limitations, emotional blockages and structural constraints
  • find solutions that are developed from the future
  • become aware of one´s own standard practice within a leadership role, furthermore becoming aware of the customary practice of the teams and companies, to subsequently improve effectiveness overall


We carry out the technique of presencing in individual coaching settings, in coaching processes in organizations, as well as with various stakeholders.

For this we provide a framework for our clients to recognize their habitual mental, emotional and intentional behavior patterns and to open themselves for advancing perspectives. In essence, we allow the state of not-knowing, as recourse for discovering and creating sustainable, unexpected and unprecedented solutions.


We are working on tangible, for our client’s immediately significant issues and challenges, utilizing numerous structured instruments.