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We work in cooperation with the following partner organizations:


Insights enables large organisations to get direct access to the knowledge of their stakeholders. Decision makers in the private and public sector can use Insights to get direct advice on strategic decisions from their stakeholders. Together they can identify innovative solutions, build long-term partnerships and master change. Uncomplicated, fast and purposefully can Insights gather and concisely show the knowledge of thousands of people, merge it in a meaningful way and then generate constructive, innovative and unique solutions from it. By partnering with DWEC GROUP our customers get access to many years of know-how from organisational development and professional design of cooperative systems.

HRO Conference

Since 2011, an annual European conference on High Reliability Organizing (HRO) has been taking place. In 2011, DWEC GROUP presented own case studies from our consulting practice in developing resistant organizations. Good source of information and downloads for the interested professional audience.


The Beraterverbund Wachstum, Finanzierung, Gründung (Consultant Network Growth, Financing, Foundation) is our strategic partner for the promotion of innovative start-ups.


SKYE’s members share a firm belief: Easy access to education is an investment that yields transformative impact for any community and society. Together, we promote unconditional access to education in South African Townships.

Global Economic Ethic

An initiative of global companies for the development of ethical and sustainable business practices. Its partner companies have committed themselves to sustainable economics through a binding manifest.

Humanistic Management Center

The HMC sets global standards for the development of sustainable economic concepts and offers a variety of initiatives. For those who want to look beyond the European horizons…

Weltethos Institut

The Global Ethic Institute sets standards in business ethics against the backdrop of world religions. It encourages understanding between religions and actively promotes an inter-religious platform, on which ethical guidelines for global issues are developed.

Gesellschaft für Nachhaltigkeit

The GfN (Association for Sustainability) is the central initiative and platform for all those who aim to network and collaborate in the field of sustainable economics.

Deutsches Netzwerk Wirtschaftsethik

The Deutsche Netzwerk Wirtschaftsethik (German Business Ethics Network) is a scientific platform and has founded the German Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN Germany). The DWEC GROUP is an active member and partner of the DNWE.