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DWEC Group

The unexpected comes. The change remains.

Business model innovation provides you a superior impact compared to focusing product innovation.

We offer a systematic approach of business model innovation and a follow-up to implement.

Our Company

Dirk Weber Executive Consultants Group – DWEC GROUP – has been advising companies and organizations since 1995 in the public and private sector. [more]

Management Coaching

With our focused, structured and intuitive coaching concept, we have been advising executives since 1995. [more]

Creating new economies

Sustainable economies mean:  to be able to pass it onto the next generation in at least the same shape as one has encountered it. The criterion for companies and customers is: to keep the future open for possibilities. [more]

Organizational Development

We apply instruments of systemic organizational development in support of your company. We hereby integrate economic, environmental and social dimensions. We consciously exceed pure economic and technological considerations; as the value drivers for sustainable organizations lie in the founded ability to act sustainably and resiliently in a highly volatile and dynamic environment. [more]